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Having a fire show sounds so exciting, but is it safe? The answer is yes, here is why!

Digital Fire Show Wedding Party Entertainment

Fire Show Indoors for your Wedding, Engagement Party or any Gathering really!

If you stumbled upon the Poi Fire Show upon your quest to find some alternative entertainment for your wedding or party this is the article that will definitely answer all your questions regarding this act.

First up, it’s not dangerous in any way. It’s an LED light show that looks like real fire. It is safe to use indoors and poses no risk to your guests or the venue. You can put a personalized message or logo if required directly into the show. The show is made up of stunning multi coloured visuals that will simply thrill guests.

The performers are professional jugglers that spin the poi around your party to make the incredible visual effects you have seen, this is no magic but it sure looks like it!

We’ve gathered the most frequent questions regarding the Digital Fire Show so you can get the How’s, Why’s and What’s all answered in one quick article.


What do I get?

If you book the Digital Fire you will get:

  • The number of professional juggling professionals required for the time slot booked;
  • 2 Poi Stick *Led Digital sticks* per performer;
  • Half an hour before start time performers on site;
  • Up to 3 images/logos picked by you to be included in the show.

Is it Safe indoors?

The show not only is safe indoors as it works best indoors as you can control the lighting better. The Poi stick are led lights sticks that the performers juggle around the room for high impact visual show.

What stage of my wedding/party can I book this for?

The Digi Fire act can be booked for any stage of your event as its fully customizable. Usually for weddings the act is used to welcome the guests to the Drinks Reception, however this is totally up to you!

How do I book?

Easy Peasy! With the new Booka System you can book your Digital Fire show entirely online in under 2 minutes (video tutorial below👇🏼) .

Once you confirm all the details, an email will be sent to you with the details on how to fully secure the act with a 10% only initial deposit.

Closer to the date the 90% remaining balance is due a week before the big date.

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Digital Fire Show: Entertainment fully customizable to your event

Our Digital Fire Performers are available for any type of event: Corporate Event, Product Launch or even a Wedding or Birthday. On this article we are going to go through the reasons why you should book a Digi Fire Act for your next event and how we can help you achieve the best outcome.



The Digital Fire Show is completely safe indoors as no real fire is used, our performers create amazing visual shows with digital POI sticks.

High Impact

This show is a high impact performance of about 20/30 minutes that will for sure leave your guests amazed. Our performers are professional jugglers experienced in the entertainment industry.


The Show is fully customizable to your party or event, as we can upload pictures and logos to the Poi stick that will create incorporate into the visual show.

Budget Friendly & Easy to Book

The act is an easy to book entertainment option that won't break the bank, if you are looking to WOW your guests with an no hassle option this is for you.


What do I get?

When you book this show you get:

  • The number of contracted performers.
  • Equal number of Poi Sticks
  • Customizable visual digital show (up to 6 images or logos)


Where is the act based at?

Our performers are mostly based in Dublin/Leinster Area, however they do travel all over Ireland (and Northern Ireland) to perform at all sorts of events.

What are the requirements?

The only requirement that the jugglers ask for is that they have enough space to spin the Poi sticks. They can perform on stage for shorter choreographed show or they can do a floor walkabout show to welcome and entertain your guests.

How do I Book the Digital Fire Show?

Thanks to the Booka System it is easier than ever to get the best performers at the best prices within seconds.

Just go to Booka Fire Performer, at the top of this page you can visualize the booking system where you only need to choose the number of performers you are interested in, the venue location and date.

Once you are ready to secure the act you will only have to pay a 10% booking deposit.

Check out the video tutorial on how to use the Booka platform to fully book your Entertainment online:

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Fire Dance Ireland: LED Fire Dancers for Hire in Dublin

fire danceMake your guests feel the heat in their seats! A well performed Fire Dance show is a breathtaking act that will never fail to impress its spectators.

Experience the magic and the energy of our highly skilled digital fire jugglers and you will swear you’ve never seen a show like this before! It’s great for Kids’ Parties, PR Events, Wedding Ceremonies and of course Festivals. The lights combined with the acrobatics are spectacular enough to win the hearts of the most pretentious crowds, while still being safe enough to be performed at your little one’s birthday party!

Fire Dancing is an age-old performance art, incorporating the visual excitement of fire twirling into a routine of theatrical dance. Our performers have mastered it and added their own twist to the act, eliminating the element of danger (the real fire) and adding in the colours of RGB LED Lighting.

Read More

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Digital Fire Art with a Ghost Buster Theme

book-a-fire-performer-pyro-show-irelandWho you gonna call? Well there is no point in calling Ghost Busters that’s for sure!

The latest craze sweeping the entertainment scene is Digital Fire Art, a LED Digital fire show that you can actually bring indoors with no risk. Pictured at a recent staff Halloween party our Digital fire jugglers were spinning Ghost Buster images that were supplied to us from the client. This incredible light show is constantly changing and is never boring for guests, wit switching images and photographs that can be incorporated directly into this new creative light show. Continue reading Digital Fire Art with a Ghost Buster Theme

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Expand your mind for your next event?

Expand your mind for your next event and provide your guests with an unforgettably exhilarating experience?

Looking for Fresh new & Unique top class party entertainment? Reach for the exciting and invite it to your function by booking something rather special with BOOKA-fireperformer – our extremely talented Digital POI Spinners.

Amaze your guests right from the get go by treating them to a uniquely LED visual show at the entrance of your venue, or ask for our amazing dancers to mix with the crowd during your party by spinning your Selected Digital LED images and logos of your choosing for all to see and LOVE throughout the night.

Allow for BOOKA to present to you and your attendees the most sophisticated and cutting edge form of Safe Fire entertainment Ireland has on offer. Continue reading Expand your mind for your next event?

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Book a Fire Performer Today!

book-a-fire-performer-ledWith a BOOKA-FirePerformer you are provided with the freedom to choose, book direct and get the lowest direct prices.

Booking your very personal LED Poi Performer with BOOKA doesn’t only save you money on your entertainer but also on the time and mobile calls you would have made throughout the booking process.

Your event will light up with our invaluable yet affordable Digital Fire Performer(s) who offer a high impact “glow” show that will bring the WOW Factor to your occasion. May it be a small private get together or a big corporate function Digital Fire Art proves to be a grand success at any party with its spectacularly colourful and hypnotically beautiful elements. Add a personal touch by incorporating your company’s logo or personal photographs into the performance, or even have a little personal birthday message to light up on stage. Continue reading Book a Fire Performer Today!