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Digital Fire Art with a Ghost Buster Theme

book-a-fire-performer-pyro-show-irelandWho you gonna call? Well there is no point in calling Ghost Busters that’s for sure!

The latest craze sweeping the entertainment scene is Digital Fire Art, a LED Digital fire show that you can actually bring indoors with no risk. Pictured at a recent staff Halloween party our Digital fire jugglers were spinning Ghost Buster images that were supplied to us from the client. This incredible light show is constantly changing and is never boring for guests, wit switching images and photographs that can be incorporated directly into this new creative light show.

Stunning Visuals and Unforgettable Characters

Ghost Busters was an eazy theme to programme as there are stunning and well known visuals and characters to choose from and include in the show. If you have an idea for a light show please let us know, no matter how mad it might sound. Digital Fire Art is very versatile and can range from images of actual fire, geometric designs, logos to photographs. The POI Stick and LED devices we use are super bright and be seen clearly in broad daylight, however the effect is ever more stunning at night.

As your guests are arriving why not have the Digital fire jugglers in place at the entrance to the venue to give the instant WOW effect. When everyone has arrived to the party move the fire art indoors for a cool show featuring pre programmed images directly related to the event. So it really dosent matter what theme your event is at all as we can programme a “once off” bespoke show just for you and your guests.

Or even better still add some other cool entertainment ideas like our unique acts BOOKA StormTrooper and BOOKA Jazz Band.

Visit Digital Fire Art to see some more cool new videos of it in operation.