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Digital Fire Show: Entertainment fully customizable to your event

Our Digital Fire Performers are available for any type of event: Corporate Event, Product Launch or even a Wedding or Birthday. On this article we are going to go through the reasons why you should book a Digi Fire Act for your next event and how we can help you achieve the best outcome.



The Digital Fire Show is completely safe indoors as no real fire is used, our performers create amazing visual shows with digital POI sticks.

High Impact

This show is a high impact performance of about 20/30 minutes that will for sure leave your guests amazed. Our performers are professional jugglers experienced in the entertainment industry.


The Show is fully customizable to your party or event, as we can upload pictures and logos to the Poi stick that will create incorporate into the visual show.

Budget Friendly & Easy to Book

The act is an easy to book entertainment option that won't break the bank, if you are looking to WOW your guests with an no hassle option this is for you.


What do I get?

When you book this show you get:

  • The number of contracted performers.
  • Equal number of Poi Sticks
  • Customizable visual digital show (up to 6 images or logos)


Where is the act based at?

Our performers are mostly based in Dublin/Leinster Area, however they do travel all over Ireland (and Northern Ireland) to perform at all sorts of events.

What are the requirements?

The only requirement that the jugglers ask for is that they have enough space to spin the Poi sticks. They can perform on stage for shorter choreographed show or they can do a floor walkabout show to welcome and entertain your guests.

How do I Book the Digital Fire Show?

Thanks to the Booka System it is easier than ever to get the best performers at the best prices within seconds.

Just go to Booka Fire Performer, at the top of this page you can visualize the booking system where you only need to choose the number of performers you are interested in, the venue location and date.

Once you are ready to secure the act you will only have to pay a 10% booking deposit.

Check out the video tutorial on how to use the Booka platform to fully book your Entertainment online: