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Fire Dance Ireland: LED Fire Dancers for Hire in Dublin

fire danceMake your guests feel the heat in their seats! A well performed Fire Dance show is a breathtaking act that will never fail to impress its spectators.

Experience the magic and the energy of our highly skilled digital fire jugglers and you will swear you’ve never seen a show like this before! It’s great for Kids’ Parties, PR Events, Wedding Ceremonies and of course Festivals. The lights combined with the acrobatics are spectacular enough to win the hearts of the most pretentious crowds, while still being safe enough to be performed at your little one’s birthday party!

Fire Dancing is an age-old performance art, incorporating the visual excitement of fire twirling into a routine of theatrical dance. Our performers have mastered it and added their own twist to the act, eliminating the element of danger (the real fire) and adding in the colours of RGB LED Lighting.

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