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Digital Fire Art with a Ghost Buster Theme

book-a-fire-performer-pyro-show-irelandWho you gonna call? Well there is no point in calling Ghost Busters that’s for sure!

The latest craze sweeping the entertainment scene is Digital Fire Art, a LED Digital fire show that you can actually bring indoors with no risk. Pictured at a recent staff Halloween party our Digital fire jugglers were spinning Ghost Buster images that were supplied to us from the client. This incredible light show is constantly changing and is never boring for guests, wit switching images and photographs that can be incorporated directly into this new creative light show. Continue reading Digital Fire Art with a Ghost Buster Theme

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Book a Fire Performer Today!

book-a-fire-performer-ledWith a BOOKA-FirePerformer you are provided with the freedom to choose, book direct and get the lowest direct prices.

Booking your very personal LED Poi Performer with BOOKA doesn’t only save you money on your entertainer but also on the time and mobile calls you would have made throughout the booking process.

Your event will light up with our invaluable yet affordable Digital Fire Performer(s) who offer a high impact “glow” show that will bring the WOW Factor to your occasion. May it be a small private get together or a big corporate function Digital Fire Art proves to be a grand success at any party with its spectacularly colourful and hypnotically beautiful elements. Add a personal touch by incorporating your company’s logo or personal photographs into the performance, or even have a little personal birthday message to light up on stage. Continue reading Book a Fire Performer Today!