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Having a fire show sounds so exciting, but is it safe? The answer is yes, here is why!

Digital Fire Show Wedding Party Entertainment

Fire Show Indoors for your Wedding, Engagement Party or any Gathering really!

If you stumbled upon the Poi Fire Show upon your quest to find some alternative entertainment for your wedding or party this is the article that will definitely answer all your questions regarding this act.

First up, it’s not dangerous in any way. It’s an LED light show that looks like real fire. It is safe to use indoors and poses no risk to your guests or the venue. You can put a personalized message or logo if required directly into the show. The show is made up of stunning multi coloured visuals that will simply thrill guests.

The performers are professional jugglers that spin the poi around your party to make the incredible visual effects you have seen, this is no magic but it sure looks like it!

We’ve gathered the most frequent questions regarding the Digital Fire Show so you can get the How’s, Why’s and What’s all answered in one quick article.


What do I get?

If you book the Digital Fire you will get:

  • The number of professional juggling professionals required for the time slot booked;
  • 2 Poi Stick *Led Digital sticks* per performer;
  • Half an hour before start time performers on site;
  • Up to 3 images/logos picked by you to be included in the show.

Is it Safe indoors?

The show not only is safe indoors as it works best indoors as you can control the lighting better. The Poi stick are led lights sticks that the performers juggle around the room for high impact visual show.

What stage of my wedding/party can I book this for?

The Digi Fire act can be booked for any stage of your event as its fully customizable. Usually for weddings the act is used to welcome the guests to the Drinks Reception, however this is totally up to you!

How do I book?

Easy Peasy! With the new Booka System you can book your Digital Fire show entirely online in under 2 minutes (video tutorial below👇🏼) .

Once you confirm all the details, an email will be sent to you with the details on how to fully secure the act with a 10% only initial deposit.

Closer to the date the 90% remaining balance is due a week before the big date.